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  1. noun context countable lang=en A main division into which an organism is placed according to its reproductive functions or organs. qualifier In most organisms, the division is into males and females; some organisms have additional sexes.
  2. What sex is that hamster?
  3. The abnormality is found in both sexes.
  4. Slime molds are sometimes erroneously said to have thirteen sexes.
  5. context uncountable lang=en The sum of the biological characteristics by which male and female and other !--some organisms have more than two sexes, see e.g. the slime mold usex above-- organisms are distinguished.
  6. The effect of the medication is dependent upon age, sex, and other factors.
  7. The researchers divided the subjects by sex.
  8. context uncountable lang=en sexual intercourse Sexual intercourse; the act of sexual intercourse.
  9. All you ever think about is sex.
  10. — We had sex in the back seat.
  11. * 1934, translation of the Qur’an (23:5) by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
  12. *: [The believers ... those ... ] who abstain from sex
  13. * quote-news author=Blake Bailey authorlink=Blake Bailey title=’Tennessee Williams,’ by John Lahr &
  14. 91;print version: Theatrical victory of art over life, International New York Times, 18 November 2014, p. 13&
  15. 93; url= work=w The New York Times date=14 November 2014 passage=[S]he [Edwina, mother of w Tennessee Williams] was indeed Amanda [Wingfield, character in Williamsplay w The Glass Menagerie] in the flesh: a doughty chatterbox from Ohio who adopted the manner of a Southern belle and eschewed both drink and sex to the greatest extent possible.
  16. context euphemistic lang=en genitalia Genitalia; a penis or vagina.
  17. * 1993, Catherine Coulter, The Heiress Bride (ISBN 1101214147), page 354:
  18. *: She touched his sex with her hand.
  19. context obsolete with the definite article lang=en women Women; womankind.
  20. * Note on citations: None of the following actually shows that the word was used to meanwomankind”.
  21. * 1740, Samuel Richardson, Pamela:
  22. *: ‘With all my heart,’ replied my master; ‘I have so much honour for all the sex, that I would not have the meanest person of it stand, while I sit, had I been to have made the custom.’
  23. * 1759, w:Laurence Sterne Laurence Sterne, w:The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman The Life & Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, s:Tristram Shandy/Chapter 1 chapter 1, [ page 52]:
  24. * ... unless it was with his sister-in-law, my father’s wife and my mother,—my uncle Toby scarce exchanged three words with the sex in as many years ...
  25. * quote-book year=1769 title=w:Commentaries on the Laws of England Commentaries on the Laws of England author=w:William Blackstone William Blackstone passage=Thus female honor, which is dearer to the sex than their lives, is left by the common law to be the sport of an abandoned calumniator.
  26. * 1807, John Hoole, trans. Ludovico Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, XXVII ll. 1003-4:
  27. *: But how can each the boasted treasure own, / When through the sex no two chaste wives are known?
  28. * 1862, Wilkie Collins, No Name:
  29. *: Even the reptile temperament of Noel Vanstone warmed under the influence of the sex: he had an undeniably appreciative eye for a handsome woman, and Magdalen’s grace and beauty were not thrown away on him.
  30. verb context zoology lang=en To determine the biological sex of an animal.
  31. — It is not easy to sex lizards.
  32. context colloquial lang=en To have sex with.
  33. The passionate lovers sexed each other every night.
  34. — OK, so I’m sexin her, right, and all I can think of is this other girl.
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